4mekey iCloud Unlocker 2023 Download for Windows

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October 22,2023
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If you’re looking for a reliable iCloud unlocker, download 4mekey iCloud Unlocker. This program will unlock your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without a password or Apple ID. With iOS 12 and 14 support, it’s compatible with most devices. This software is compatible with the iPad Mini 4, iPad 5,6,7, and iPod touch 7.

It supports multiple scenarios to unlock your iPhone. Its main function is to remove the activation lock if you’re unable to log in with your original Apple ID or password. The program will also delete the old Apple ID from your device so it can’t be tracked. After that, you can use your device again and enter your new Apple ID or log in to the Apple store.

What is 4mekey iCloud Unlocker?

Tenorshare 4MeKey iCloud Unlocker is a program that lets you bypass the iCloud activation lock and unlock your iOS device without a password or Apple ID. You can also jailbreak your device with it if you want to remove the activation lock. Using this program, you can also turn off Find My Device without an iCloud password. Tenorshare 4MeKey is easy to use and provides good results. Check iMyfone Lockwiper.

Apple ID security is good for your iPhone, but it can be a headache for legitimate buyers. It prevents them from setting up their pre-owned devices. If you’re one of these buyers, you may find yourself frustrated and not using your device. Many iPhone users are complaining about the inability to fix their problems without software, but this is an option that most people prefer. The free trial version of 4MeKey is not enough to unlock your device.

Features & Highlights:

  • Fast remove iCloud activation lock without password/Apple ID.
  • Unlock your iCloud account anytime, anywhere when you forgot the password or bought iPhone iCloud is locked.
  • Log in App Store with your new Apple ID after bypassing the activation lock on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Unlock Apple ID or Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without a password.
  • Turn off the camera sound without muting new.
  • Forgot Apple ID and Password to Activate my iPhone.
  • The Incredible Benefits After Successful Activation Lock Removal.
  • Unlock Apple ID without Password Hassle-Free new.
  • Turn Off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without Password.

Is it safe to use 4mekey iCloud Unlocker?

YES! it is completely free and 100% safe to use 4mekey iCloud Unlocker. If you’re thinking about buying a new iPhone or iPad, but aren’t sure whether to get an unlocked version or a jailbroken one, you’ve probably heard of Tenorshare’s 4MeKey iCloud unlocker. It allows you to unlock iCloud locks without a password and jailbreaks Apple devices. It bypasses iCloud activation locks and unlocks a wide variety of functions on your iPhone and iPad.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

Apple’s iCloud service is a convenient way to back up your data on the internet, but if your phone is stolen, you can keep it safe by activating the iCloud activation lock. This feature locks down your device and prevents someone from accessing your data without your Apple ID password. You can enable the iCloud lock on a lost iPhone before it’s sold. It will take about five minutes to do.

Activation locks can be easily disabled by deleting your personal information from the device. However, before you can perform these steps, you must first delete your device from your account. You can also try changing DNS settings by using an alternate DNS address. However, this method won’t work on newer iPhone models and iOS devices. Lastly, you can try powering on your device or restarting it. These methods will help you unlock your phone.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Windows 11.
  • macOS: 10.11-12.
  • iOS: from iOS 12 to 14.8 (iOS 14 for 6s/6s Plus iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone SE1; iPad 5/6/7 iPad Mini 4/iPad Air 2/iPad Pro 1/Pro 2; iPod touch 7).
  • Download 4mekey iCloud unlocker exe


In conclusion, the 4MeKey Icloud Unlocker is an excellent program that unlocks iPhones and iPads without the hassle of removing the iCloud Activation Lock. Compared to other software, it works faster and unlocks various functions of the iPhone and iPad. It is easy to use and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Users can download the latest version from our software website for free.

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