Gaming on MPL: Top 6 Options for Ultimate Gaming Experience

What can be better than playing games and earning lucrative cash prizes simultaneously? If this piqued your interest, you must check out the Gaming on MPL platform. In addition, as one of India’s top gaming platforms with 80+ million downloads, MPL offers unlimited opportunities for entertainment like Vblink and making money on the side. However, the MPL app is available for iOS and Android users. The earning application offers free practice matches and cash contests against real opponents. Also, the platform has something to offer to different gaming enthusiasts. The options are endless, from arcade and puzzle games to racing and fantasy games. Read Zingzoy Gift Cards.

Some of The Must-Try Games on This Platform are as follows

Win Patti Skill

Win Patti Skill is a well-known card game in India derived from the British 3-card brag. Additionally, like Teen Patti, this game is played between three to six people. It is played with a standard deck of playing cards without a joker. It aims to place bets on who has the best hand. By choosing to play either as a seen or blind player, the participants decide the game’s progress. The Win Patti Skill game starts with the dealer handing out a card to everyone. Each player is given three cards. Before the round starts, a minimum bet is decided, and all the participants place their minimum stakes in the pot.

Gaming on MPL: Top 6 Options for Ultimate Gaming Experience
Gaming on MPL

If you play as a blind player, the cards will be placed face-down. Moreover, you cannot look at the cards. It would be best to place a bet equal to the current stake. The stake must be at most twice the stake. If you are a seen player, you can place your bets after looking at your cards. The stake must be twice the current bet. To win, you must remain in the game for as long as possible and have the highest-ranking hand.

Gaming on MPL Ludo

The Ludo game is a crowd-favorite, and all kinds of players enjoy playing this game. On the gaming on MPL platform, you can play online Ludo games in different variants. The variants are:

  • Ludo Dice – Ludo Dice is played with four tokens, and each action contributes to the player’s score. A limited number of moves are available, and the objective is to score the highest. You must strategize and plan your moves so your opponent cannot capture your tokens and move ahead. You must win the game in as few turns as possible and capture your opponent’s tokens to get bonus points. The session lasts for four minutes.
  • Ludo 2 Dice – Ludo 2 Dice is played with two dice, and the aim is to score higher than your opponents. You must roll the dice twice each turn, and the session lasts six minutes. Try to get as many tokens home as possible to get bonus points. The tokens must move across the board strategically so your opponents do not get the upper hand. You will get an extra turn if you capture your opponent’s tokens.
  • Ludo Win – Ludo Win is a fun version of the game where the dice are avoided altogether. A reel of numbers is presented, representing each turn of the players. The game is played with four tokens, and the actions add to the final score. It would help if you devised a strategy to capture your opponent’s tokens and win bonus points.

Gaming on MPL Opinio

Do you enjoy testing your knowledge and guessing answers to questions based on real events? Opinion is the perfect game for showing off your knowledge and skills. This is an opinion-based game where the questions are based on actual events. You have to select the answer that will likely happen. For instance, if there is an upcoming cricket match, you might be asked which team will win or which player will hit the most sixes. If your opinion is correct, you will win cash rewards. The questions are based on varied topics, including movies, crypto, reality shows, cricket, etc.

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is a popular childhood game and is now available online gaming on MPL. Therefore, roll the die and move the token. The objective is to reach 100 before your opponent. The match sessions have limited moves; hence, try and avoid the snakes. If you land on a number with a snake, you will be sent several steps back and must start moving forward again. So, the player with the top score wins cash rewards.


Poker is a widely known card game and one of the most played games on the gaming on MPL app. Thanks to this online Poker version, you can enjoy the card game wherever and whenever. You can compete against players with varying skills and experience levels. You can enjoy free matches or participate in tournaments to win lucrative prizes. Play Poker and learn life skills, such as rational thinking, patience, etc.

Speed Chess

Chess is a globally loved board game available on the MPL app. The app brings a fun twist to the game by limiting the time of each session. So, if you play Speed Chess, you will play in a time-based environment. Thanks to the fast time control, the game results in an adrenaline rush, and players are forced to think out-of-the-box. There’s massive potential for unusual opening moves because the objective is to score the highest within the shortest possible time.

The Bottom Line

These are the top six games gaming enthusiasts love on the gaming on MPL app. Start with these and then work up to the other games on this platform, such as Bubble Shooter, Carrom, Runner No. 1, Fantasy Cricket, Fruit Dart, etc.


If you’re looking to experience gaming at its very best, look no further than MPL’s Top 6 Options. These carefully selected games offer a diverse and engaging experience, catering to gamers of all levels. So, don’t miss out on the thrill and excitement; explore Gaming at its Best on MPL today!

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