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September 12,2023
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Xerox Smart Start is often used in the context of software setup or installation wizards, where it helps users initiate the installation and configuration process for Xerox applications like printers and scanners. These wizards typically guide users through the steps of connecting and configuring their devices without any errors. This application can make your work easier without any difficulty. Through this driver, you can print and scan your important documents.

The Xerox Smart is an end-user installer designed to get users printing and scanning with Xerox printers as quickly on their laptops. Xerox Smart Start app discovers available printers, allows users to choose which printer they want to install and work on, downloads the best driver from our website, and then creates a printer. It can automatically upgrade Xerox printers if new drivers are available on the internet. You cannot install it on your PC.

Just download the exe from Xerox and run it without any effort. This software supports Microsoft’s Type 3 and Type 4 print systems. You can install the Xerox V3 Global Print driver or the V4 product-specific driver and companion software. You can also install Xerox TWAIN and WIA scan drivers on your device.

What is Xerox Smart Start?

Users who are unsure about which print driver to install. So you should use Xerox Smart start silent install. Xerox Smart also assists more technical users. It allows users to choose which print driver to install and makes recommendations on which driver delivers the best experience. Xerox Smart will first search the local subnet for supported Xerox printers using SNMP.

It will also be a unique and strong application for detect subnets used by a user’s existing printers and searching those networks for new printers that are update and available on the market. This application can also allow new users to search for specific network printers using a hostname or IP address.
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Key Features of Xerox Smart Start Mac

  •  Smartly discover printers to install on your network with ease
  •  Easily upgrade existing drivers with the newest releases
  •  Support for both Microsoft print architectures with Type 3 and Type 4 print systems
  •  Seamlessly install TWAIN/WIA scan drivers for supported devices through the Advanced Install option
  •  Advanced installation options available for technical users
  •  Choose Quick Install to be done quickly or Advanced Install to select PDLs or print system
  •  Support across Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

Which Printers Does Xerox Smart Start Support? 

One thing you do have to make sure of before installing Xerox Smart on your device that is supporte by the software.  

Most of Xerox’s machines are supporte by Xerox Smart, including their family of VersaLink, AltaLink, PrimeLink, and WorkCentre machines. Their assortment of smaller machines, like the Xerox B225 or C235, are also supporte.  

Xerox’s large production presses, like the  Xerox Versant Presses, are the main devices that are not support by Xerox Smart.   

What are the Key Challenges of Xerox Smart Start?

  • IT Support might not be available to help during the initial install
  • User frustration in not being able to set their printer or MFP
  • Confusion about which driver or driver components to install for an ideal print experience
  • Increase costs in get new equipment set up and usable by the work team or workgroup
  • Lost productivity due to technical setup issues and complicated processes


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are all supported by Xerox Smart. Please keep in mind that Windows 7 does not support Type 4 print drivers. As a result, XSS is not able to install Type 4 print drivers on Windows 7. The installer does not work with Mac iOS or Mac PCs.

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