EZ Month APK V1.30 (MLBB) Free Download for Android

ez month injector apk download

EZ Month APK is a hacking tool that provides complete MLBB premium item hacks like drone view, Skins, diamonds, characters, and Drones. EZ allows you to access all premium features in Mobile Legends. It also unlocks your existing characters so you can play them with your friends.

In addition, EZ Month Injector is a valuable tool for MLBB fans. It’s free to download and contains all the cheats you need to become a pro. It also has many features which allow you to play with better levels in MLBB. If you’re a gamer who wants to boost your rank in the MLBB game, EZ Month Injector is your best choice. You may get Bellara Injector and United Mods FF.

What is EZ Month APK?

EZ Month is a third-party app made for unlocking the MLBB premium features for free. If you are an ML game lover and want to improve your gaming skills, then you are in the right place. The tool EZmonth allows you to unlock skins, diamonds, recalls, custom analogs, wall-hacks, weapon skins, and more. However, when you get all these premium items, you will have more power to be robust against your opponents.

Different Cheats of EZ Month:

The EZ Month APK is an application that can inject free scripts into your favorite games, including MLBB. After downloading the EZMonth APK to inject free diamonds, battle emotes, and drone views into your Mobile Legends game. The tool lets you view enemies from a mile away to assess their attacks and plan your counterattacks before they get close. Using the EZMonth APK will allow you to access the game’s features.

Get Diamonds:

Fantastic, the tool has impressive features that you can use to get free rewards in Diamonds or Gratis. Once you get diamond/gratis rewards, you can invest those diamonds into the game to purchase premium items free of cost.

Unlock ML Skins:

With this cheat, you can find all the premium skins unavailable for your game hero. The different skins are Tank Skin, Fighter Skin, Assasin Skin, Marksman Skin, Mage Skin, and Support Skin. So, you can unlock your desired skins for the game free of cost.


Another fantastic menu is cheated backgrounds. With this, you can update lobby and profile backgrounds. And you either 24+ backgrounds you can use on your gaming account.

Drone View Camera:

If you enjoy playing MMO games, you’ll love EZ Month APK. It comes with a complete drone view that’s more than just a battlefield view. Using the app, you can view enemies from up to 7x, which can be helpful when it comes to assessing their attacks before they get close. Abusing this feature will allow you to plan your counterattacks and improve your overall game aptitudes.

You can kill enemies from a long distance with the drone view cheat. Either you can adjust your map for a long or short distance. And the great benefit of this cheat is that you can analyze the enemy’s location before they close. So, enjoy the drone view camera maps with high-quality graphics.

EZ Month APK Features:

  • Free injector app.
  • Custom maps.
  • Efek recalls, spawns, and elimination.
  • Battle emotes.
  • Get custom analogs.
  • Boost your game ranking.
  • Unlock the border avatar.
  • Easy and simple UI.
  • Working on the ABC folder.
  • No third-party ads.
  • Free to download.
  • No bugs and errors.
  • The app is small in size.
  • Unique and latest skins added.
  • Support to Android 5.0+.
  • Many more.

Ending Lines:

To install the EZ Month Injector APK, you must enable unknown sources in your device’s settings. After that, you can download the application. This application will let you unlock the game’s premium skins for free. All skins are free, and the app has been tested on several Android devices to ensure safety. EZMonth Injector has also been designed to be convenient for beginners. Users can even view the drone from any point in the game.

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