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WhatsApp is not only used for sending messages it is also used for live voice calling, Video calling, sanding short clips of voice messages, pictures, videos, documents, and chatting with groups.
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April 02,2024
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Welcome back with the new application WaGbPro APK. Messaging is the best way of communicating, it feels easy and faster way to contact others within seconds and WhatsApp makes this way of communication system more accessible and more comfortable.

WhatsApp is not only used for sending messages it is also used for live voice calling, Video calling, sanding short clips of voice messages, pictures, videos, documents, and chatting with groups. These are the features of official WhatsApp if you are using official WhatsApp then you have experienced all the features.

Using the limited features of WhatsApp does not feel cool. If you want to try something new search for that type of application that is secure safe and faster than the official version. Then you are in the right place Here we have introduced an application named WaGb Pro.

What is WaGbPro APK?

WaGbPro APK stands out as a powerful and innovative alternative to GB WhatsApp. This application is specially designed for Android users, It is a user-friendly application with Android-friendly features it is comfortable for all Android versions.

This Application is introduced new on the internet and the good thing is that it is in high demand because its new features make WaGbPro unique. You can easily download the APK version of this application from our website. You should download this application from our website because we have shared the latest version and the official update

While retaining all the features you already love from WhatsApp, including group chats, voice calls, and file sharing, WaGbPro APK goes the extra mile. With an extensive collection of new emoticons, improved group chat support, and the ability to delete messages after they’ve been sent. WaGbPro empowers you with enhanced expressive capabilities and greater control over your conversations.

Features of WaGbPro APK

Hide online status

Using this feature you will be able to hide the online status from your profile. Once you have turned on this feature user will be shown offline

Read Unsand Messages

With this app, you will be able to read those messages which are deleted by Sander.

Notification of contacts

This app will notify you about the changes and updates to your contact’s profile. For example, if a contact changes his/her profile, recently online, and other changes on their profile this feature will send you a notification. Which is a new and unique feature you will experience here.

Send up to 100 pictures

WhatsApp only allows you to send 30 pictures at a time. With WaGb Pro APK you will be able to send 100+ photos at a time without any issues.

High MB Videos Send

Other WhatsApp applications only allow you to send 500MB videos Using this app you will be able to send up to 1000MB videos in just one click.

Long status

WaGbPro APK allows you to send 30 seconds of status videos only. Now you have to upload up to 1-minute status. This feature will work only for users of WaGbPro.

Change Theme of WaGbPro APK

Change the color of your text, style of your text, font of your text, and also the background of the theme.

Send Unlimited messages

Select the quantity of message for sending write the message and send the message by the selected time. If you have selected 1000 the message will send 1000 times.

Set timer message of WaGbPro APK

The timer messages are those messages that have been scheduled to be sent to someone. For example, if you want to wish a birthday to someone. Then you have to set the time and write the message and send the message will be dispatched at the scheduled time.

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